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Surfing News

2014-04-21 13:34:48 | Lindy Cloete
Bells Beach Pro - Mens Round 3 and 4 results
Three-to-five foot (1.5 metre) waves at Bells Bowl and Rincon:While the ladies contest was put on hold for the day,a perfect stage saw the men perform at their athletic best. John John Florence (HAW) secured a win over 11-time ASP World Champion and ...
Hits: 15
2014-04-18 13:38:56 | Lindy Cloete
Bells Beach Update -18.04.2014: Heats and Weather forecast
Weather forecast:After 2 days on STANDBY, with inconsistent smallish surf, it looks as though tomorrow might be a bit more promising: There should be a 3 to 4 ft swell running offshore, and the swell period has risen to between 18 and 20 secs, and it ...
Hits: 11
2014-04-15 15:40:16 | Lindy Cloete
The Bells Beach Lineup
A good outlook for the weekend ahead.Looking at what's lined up for Saturday and Sunday (swell periods of 16-20sec) - it seems as though the weather gods are smiling on us again! Our swell maps (ref the high resolution map for Victroria) are showing us ...
Hits: 16
2014-04-13 12:26:15 | Lindy Cloete
Michel Bourez Wins at Margaret River
Drug Aware Margaret River Pro: Sunday 13th April 2014It was the day of surf we'd all been waiting for: Margs turned on for the final day of the Samsung Galaxy Drugaware Pro. Good long period swells provided the perfect canvas for our heroes to display ...
Hits: 21
2014-04-12 01:01:36 | Surftweeter Admin
Another Lay Day Called at The Drugaware Pro 2014
7.15am - Saturday 12.04.14 - Margaret RiverThe Mens Quarterfinals for the Samsung Galaxy ASP Drugaware Pro are on STANDBY while the organisers wait for the longer period swell to hit the coast this evening. We've been watching the surftweeter swell ...
Hits: 28
2014-04-11 23:35:19 | Surftweeter Admin
The Big Names Move West and the Weather outlook is good
The ASP Surf-Train Hits town!As the ASP caravan heads West and the big names arrive in town, we can look forward to an exciting two weeks at Margs.Good Surf conditions for the next weekWith some good long period swell pushing through towards the end of ...
Hits: 27
2014-04-11 01:16:52 | Lindy Cloete
#THE BOX : Quarterfinalists Decided for Drugaware Pro
Heat 1, Round 5:Jordy Smth and Miguel Pupo - both newcomers to the break, took a few waves to find their rhythm and got nicely worked in the process Jordy: “I’ve had zero experience out there and I didn’t really have a great heat but I got it ...
Hits: 10
2014-04-10 01:19:27 | Lindy Cloete
Drugaware Pro Round 5 to be held at THE BOX
Kieren Perrow announces change of venueMoments ago, ASP Commissioner Kieren Perrow, still dripping from his session at THE BOX - (and probably smarting about his broken board) announced that the Round 5 heats for the Drugaware Pro 2014, would be held at ...
Hits: 11
2014-04-06 14:19:36 | Lindy Cloete
Carissa Moore Wins the Women's Drugaware Pro at Margaret River
Light crosshore winds and a decent swell set the stageWith solid swell and light to variable S - SE winds blowing, the contest directors declared the Women's Semifinal and Final Rounds ON at Margaret River early this morning. With a decent swell ...
Hits: 14
2014-04-06 02:47:43 | Lindy Cloete
Women's Quarterfinal Results: Drugaware Pro 2014
Margaret River - 5/4/2014Another great day of surfing for the ladies albeit in some rather challenging conditions with the Southerly direction in the wind creating a lot of chop on the wave face as the day progressed.Results for QF1:This one was so ...
Hits: 24
2014-04-04 16:48:28 | Lindy Cloete
Drug Aware Margaret River Women’s Pro Results from Rounds 2, 3, and 4:
Drug Aware Margaret River Women’s Pro Round 2 Results:Heat 1: Dimity Stoyle (AUS) 9.34 def. Alana Blanchard (HAW) 6.07 Heat 2: Paige Hareb (NZL) 12.84 def. Pauline Ado (FRA) 10.16 Heat 3: Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) 17.17 def. Laura Macaulay (AUS) ...
Hits: 9

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