South Africa

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South Africa Surf Spots

This map is interactive. Use the controls to pan and zoom. Click on the flag for more details.

South Africa Map

South Africa Map

South Africa Flag

South Africa Flag

So far Surftweeter members have mapped 1530 surf spots worldwide and in South Africa we have mapped 232 surf spots.

For each of the 232 spots listed in South Africa, we provide a page with detailed information about the surf spot, a 7 Day Surf Forecast page, plus a Current Conditions weather page.

Individual surf spot pages will provide you with all the information you need to plan your ideal surf travel holiday!

Follow the links on the surf spot pages to find daily surf reports and surf forecasts.

You can improve the atlas by adding news articles, contributing photos and videos, commenting, rating the information provided, editing the information if you feel it's necessary and by adding spots to the atlas.

Your photos and videos and other contributions will be stored in your social profile, and filed by spot name ... so its your personal surf archive system.

You can share your photos and videos and articles on Facebook from here.

Some facts - South Africa

Photos - South Africa

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Videos - South Africa

Inner Pool- Mossel Bay

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